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Plastic Container Manufacture

Taking your ideas to market.

The MarCon plastics division is uniquely positioned to create the right point-of-purchase merchandising and packaging solutions for your needs — from bottling to containing to display. With our innovative FDM/SDL processes, you can customize each job to the make or model you want while utilizing economic tooling to get the exact level of precision you need.

Plus, because we've invested in state-of-the-art machinery and an experienced staff—all located on-site—we have the flexibility to take on a job of any size, whether a sampling of three or a production of three million. We consolidate on materials and specs by making all parts in-house, reducing production complications while providing you with a turnkey solution for your plastic needs.

And perhaps best of all, we provide three environmentally conscious molding options to boost your plastic performance without compromising scope or precision: Blow molding, Injection molding and Thermoforming.

Specific capabilities for the Plastics Division include:

  • Injection molding presses 100-660 tons clamp
  • Blow molding containers up to one gallon F-type
  • Vacuum and pressure forming, rotary press, 48 x 72 frame
    • In-line coil-fed, 30 x 30 frame
    • In-line coil-fed, 14 x 20 frame
    • Various single-stage presses
  • Custom product design
  • Material selection
  • Mold maintenance
  • Automated mechanical assembly

Our wide range of product capabilities includes:

  • All thermoplastic products
  • Thinwall containers and lids
    • Wipes containers
    • Snap lids
  • Enclosures, housings, and covers
  • Retail store shelf liners
    • Freezer trays
  • Bins and trays, storage or dispensing
  • Integrally-hinged products
  • Dunnage/shipping stabilizers
  • High volume/multi-cavity moldings